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          Document Service

          International door-to-door delivery service to more than 200 countries and regions for the fastest delivery of urgent documents, materials, printed matter, etc.

          Parcel Service

          International delivery covering virtually the entire world for urgent small packages.
          Fast door-to-door delivery of samples, products, and other small packages.

          How rates are calculated

          1. 1Charges for this service cover the cost of transport from pickup to delivery along with other costs. (However, an additional pickup fee applies in some locations.) The following costs are not included.
            1. (A)Taxes and public dues such as duties and excise taxes generated in the destination country
            2. (B)Costs of providing procedures or work beyond those ordinarily required
            3. (C)In the event of an addressee change, an addressee change fee of ¥500 will be collected along with any additional transport charges generated
            The entire charge is to be paid in whole by the sender.
            The sender or the addressee shall pay ay charges for (A), (B), or (C).
          2. 2Charges are assessed based on rates for weight or volume, whichever is highest.
            Weight is calculated by volume as 1 kilogram per 5,000 cubic centimeters.
            Weights are rounded up to the next 0.5 kilograms, and volume is rounded up to the next 3,000 cubic centimeters.
          3. 3Rates may change without advance notice.

          Prohibited items

          • Postage stamps, revenue stamps, currency, banknotes, securities
          • Forged, altered, or counterfeit currency, banknotes, securities
          • Books or images that harm public safety or morals
          • Items that infringe intangible property rights
          • Correspondence covered by Article 5 of the Postal Act
          • Hazardous items, valuables, works of art, jewels, plants, animals, perishable food

          Any additional items whose import or export is prohibited or restricted by the importing or exporting countries (including third countries through which they pass).

          Invoice printing service

          We will print out and give you an invoice with your company name and address on it.
          This avoids the bother of filling out an invoice at the time of shipping.

          From one-time pickups to scheduled pickups

          With just a phone call, you can have us come all the way to your desk for pickup.
          You can also use the internet to arrange pickup. Pease click on "How to use our web pickup system" for details.
          If you send items regularly, you can arrange scheduled pickups, eliminating the need to call every time.

          A variety of shipping materials


          From left:
          C-1 (51×37×30cm)
          C-2 (40×35×28cm)
          C-3 (37×27×32cm)



          Hard cases: A4 size
          Plastic pouches: A4 size
          Plastic pouches A3 size

          Expansion envelopes

          A3 (32×45×12cm)

          A variety of methods for overseas shipping (optional services)

          In addition to our Document and Parcel Services, we offer other products to meet customers' international needs. These include bulk international mail, calendar shipping, and shipping of heavy items.

          We also offer a number of other services to meet customer needs. Please feel free to inquire about them.

          Tel.: Tokyo area Phone.: 03-6893-8061 Fax.: 03-6893-8101
            Osaka area Phone.: 06-6458-5026


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